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Watch Figurine Play Full Band Version Of Recent Highlight “Made Lonely”

Figurine Live

Last month, Hartford singer-songwriter Ashly LaRosa released her debut album View From Inside under the moniker Figurine. Recently, Figurine has shared a live video of the full band playing View From Inside highlight “Made Lonely.” Check it out below.

Listen to View From Inside by Figurine below.


Release Recap: 12 (Relatively) Recent CT Indie Releases Now Streaming

With so much good new music coming out of CT this year, it’s hard to keep track of it all the time, never mind find the time to listen to it.  Following our earlier feature on new CT indie music that has come out in the Spring, we have shared a few releases that have caught our collective ear in the past few months.  Check it out below:

1. Jelani Sei – LVNDR TWN EP (Alternative; Future Soul; R&B)


2. Cheem – Downhill (Emo; Indie Rock; Pop-Punk)


3. FigurineView From Inside (Acoustic; Singer-Songwriter; Alternative)


4. Harry Streaker – Volumes (Alternative; Pop Rock; Goth)


5. Headroom – Head In The Clouds (Alternative; Noise; Shoegaze; Lo-Fi)


6. Broca’s Area – See The Light (Alternative; Future Soul; R&B; Jazz)


7. Laundry Day – It’s Cool, It’s Whatever (Indie Rock; Garage; Slacker)


8. Mission Zero – Easy Tiger (Alternative; Indie Pop; Electronic)


9. Lea – Lea Is Here (Indie Rock; Garage; Fuzz)


10. Pale Space – Pale Space EP (Indie Rock; Alternative)


11. Perennial – The Symmetry of the Autumn Leaves (Punk; Post-Hardcore)


12. Queen Moo – Mean Well (Indie Rock; Jazz Rock; Rock n Roll)


Hear This: An Introduction To New Haven Folk Rock Mercy Choir


New Haven folk rock act Mercy Choir is the musical outlet of singer-songwriter Paul Belbusti.  Since the inception of his project in the mid-2000s, Belbusti has been exceptionally prolific with his main act (never mind his work as one-half of the experimental group Rivener), releasing at least eight albums that dabble in various genres like Americana, baroque pop, and lo-fi experimentation.

Even this year alone, Mercy Choir has put out two drastically different releases: the orchestrally elaborate Like a Fountain Stirred and its more stripped down counterpart Fair Games. With such an expansive discography, it may be difficult to know where to begin.

Fortunately for those new to Mercy Choir, the band has created an introductory Spotify playlist, This is: Mercy Choir, that includes music from many of the project’s various releases (with even more to be found on Bandcamp).  We are happy to know that it starts with one of our favorite Mercy Choir songs, the synth heavy “Birdwatcher.” Check it out below.

Mercy Choir will be playing Neverending Books in New Haven on Oct 27th with Daphne Lee Martin.  Event Page here.

Review: Laundry Day Elevates Sprawling Elm City Indie Rock With The Company of Friends

Laundry Day - It's Cool, It's Whatever (2017)

While Laundry Day’s new album It’s Cool, It’s Whatever is technically the New Haven slacker rock band’s debut full-length, many of these songs have been in the band’s live rotation for some years now. Since the release of their 2014 self-titled EP, the extra time and countless shows the band has played has given the group time to refine these songs both stylistically and performance wise.

Singer-songwriter Alex Burnet has oft stated that while he serves as the group’s principal vocal and songwriter, each member of the group contributes to the songwriting process in a way that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. It shows. Burnet’s lyrics and melodies often have a simple but substantial charm about them that is nicely complimented by the holistic approach these songs take. 

This is most evident when listening to the fully produced reprise of previous EP standout, “Seven Seas”, where the band expands on Burnet’s suburban and dreamlike juxtapositions of “monster makeup” and “minivans” with warm harmonies, a light touch of hi-hat, and the company of friends. 

Much credit goes to drummer Alexa Ambrose, whose style of playing brings out particular accents that give the album a much more live sounding presence. Both opener “Candy Wrapper” and closer “Joanne” have a rollicking momentum which bestows the otherwise very New Haven album with a universal road-trip-across-America drivability. 

In addition to providing vocal harmonies, guitarist Sam Carlson (who dropped a sweet solo record earlier this Spring), offers a grungy contribution “Blunt Guts.” The track gives a similar voice to his concerns about suburban aimlessness but with a more angular hot rod crunch that better suits Laundry Day.

While this fully realized iteration of Laundry Day packs more distortion and punch, late album highlight “Driveway” is a solo acoustic number from Burnet that resonates in its own way. Burnet, who has refrained from saying much beyond the album being born of personal strife, lays it all out here for all to see. In a series of both particular and vague images and events, there are few songs in recent memory that seem so solitary, so reflective of years gone by in a mere momentary flashback.

That being said, this quick isolated moment only accentuates the album’s clear sense of comradery and the power of chemistry found between friends–something that helps elevate the quality of Laundry Day’s brand of indie rock from other like-minded guitar bands.

Listen to It’s Cool, It’s Whatever by Laundry Day below or on Spotify here.

Now Streaming: Figurine – View From Inside (2017)

Figurine - View From Inside (2017)

Hartford singer-songwriter Ashly LaRosa has released her new album View from Inside under the moniker Figurine. Softly coated with electronic gloss and lush vocal harmonies, the album marks LaRosa’s most meticulous work to date. View from Inside features members of Art School Girls, Non Adult, and Goodnight Blue Moon. It is available on Bandcamp and other streaming services.

You can also listen to View From The Inside standout “Made Lonely” on our CT Scramble 2017 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist here.

Listen to View from Inside below:

Introducing: CT Scramble 2017 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist

Pizza-Turntable-2016-billboard-1548CT Scramble is happy to present to you the CT Scramble 2017 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist.  As one might guess, the CTS 2017 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist compiles some of our favorite music that has come out of CT in the past year all into one streamable Spotify outlet.

Our goal in compiling such a playlist was to create an eclectic (as eclectic as CT indie rock gets) but accessible introduction to much of the quality music that has come out of our wonderful and artistically underrated state this year.  Should a listener pursue to really dive deep into the 40 track, two and a half hour playlist, one will find a pleasant array of indie rock jams ranging from fuzzed out garage punk to atmospheric and literary baroque folk.

For what it’s worth:  While CTS spent a decent amount of time trying to sequence the playlist into something sensible, we have found that it also works pretty well for those who prefer their playlists shuffled.

Listen to (and feel free to FOLLOW) the CT Scramble 2017 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist below: