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Mandala Shares New Album Cash For Smiles: Stream


Waterbury, CT alt-rock five-piece Mandala have released their new album Cash For Smiles for streaming and purchase on all major media outlets. It is the group’ first album since 2015’s Valley People.

A crystal clear and confident collection of alternative rock songs, Cash For Smiles shows the band developing both their songwriting chops and technical ability. Throughout it’s breezy 36-minute runtime, the band alternates through upbeat jangle, crunchy rock riffage, anthemic delay, and slightly divergent pop and rock styles.

While the band does a good job of conveying emotion in their own performance, main vocalist Morgan Fasanelli directs the human element of these songs. Arguably the album’s emotional centerpeice, Fasanelli’s vocal on “Motel Lobby” leaves a lasting impact as the album returns to the jaunts of singles like “Only In The Fall.”

“Only In The Fall” has been added to the CT Scramble 2017 Spotify Playlist.

Listen to Cash For Smiles by Mandala below:


Samurai Sword Shares New Single, “Needle, Red Thread”

Samurai Sword - Needle, Red Thread (Single) (2017)

Samurai Sword – Needle, Red Thread (Single) (2017)

Samurai Sword has shared their first new piece of material since March, entitled “Needle, Red Thread”. As wanted from Trumbull guitarist Josh Pavel, the single is a stunningly textural, airtight, nylon guitar-driven piece. Pavel’s remarkable fingerpicking technique is forefront, splashing in bits of piano and a soft layer of percussion.

On their Facebook page, they hinted at a new release this winter.

Listen to “Needle, Red Thread” by Samurai Sword:

Non Adult Shares Final Installment Of EP Trilogy: The Gay Science // Joyful Wisdom

Non Adult At Dennis

CT/MA electronic grit-pop act Non Adult has shared the final installment of their EP trilogy. This one’s entitled The Gay Science // Joyful Wisdom and follows May’s grainy Guide to Life and March’s dreamy Dirty Minds Prepare to Die.

The latest from Danbury native Jonathan Zonenshine offers another concise showcase of Non Adult’s mood-setting capabilities, sweeping the spectrum from personal to profound. Reverb-drenched guitars, daedal rhythms, and undulating synths paint a cobalt melancholia any listener can vibe to.

This series of spaced-out EPs is a mesmeric vision sought through, affirming how promising this rising act is. Non Adult also recently produced Figurine’s album View From Inside.

Listen to The Gay Science // Joyful Wisdom by Non Adult below.

New Lo-Fi: Boy Blunder Announce New EP, Share First Preview “God” – Stream

Boy Blunder

Hartford indie rock four-piece Boy Blunder make lo-fi grunge-pop tunes that are both scrappy and endearing. Today, we are sharing the first preview of the band’s upcoming EP, My Family Would Love This, a song with a simultaneously lofty and simple title: “God.”

“God” is both wide-eyed and brooding–a guitar pop song that is rough around the edges. Whatever polish it avoids, it works with a live, end-of-set earnestness. Vocalist Sam Nikitas takes its ubiquitous God-refrain and brings it down to earth, front and center with every inevitable chorus.

My Family Would Love This will be released on 11/24.

Listen to “God” by Boy Blunder below:

Song Premiere: Tier – “LASTTIMESLAST” (2017)

Tier Band Live at Mac

Photo by Kate Sheely

CT indie rock band Tier have announced their new EP, Ego Death will be released 12/2/17. Today, we are sharing the first preview of the upcoming EP, “LASTTIMESLAST.”

“LASTTIMESLAST” is a nice slice of atmospheric punk. Instead of immediately embracing the fast and loud aspects of the genre, the four-piece sways through heady room reverb at a moody mid-tempo. Chorus-effected guitars tranquilize the song to offer a slight post-punk mope. When the actual chorus hits, the song breaks into a catchy gang vocal that shocks the song to hopeful alertness.

Listen to “LASTTIMESLAST” by Tier below:

On Repeat: Videodome – Nocturnal Omissions (2017)

Videodome - Nocturnal Omissions (2017)

Videodome – Nocturnal Omissions (2017)

Videodome is a new New Haven noise rock band made up of previous members of Heavy Breath and Warm.  Yesterday, the group shared it’s first release, Nocturnal Omissions via Bandcamp.

Nocturnal Omissions is a rousing debut of hectic and dynamic noise rock, filled with aggressive mini-metalisms and kinetic chemistry as it unfolds from one riff to the next. In addition, the band elevates it’s formidable rock songs with slight tweaks of tone, effects, and an occasional synth. On top of all the chaos, singer Rebecca Kaplan delivers a commanding performance, rotating between a stadium sized wail and a spectral deity.

Videodome will be playing it’s first live show at Sessions Clock Studios in Bristol. Event page here.

Listen to Nocturnal Omissions below:

New, Weird, CT: Berry Farm Polar Wave – Self-Titled (2017)

Berry Farm Polar Wave - Self-Titled (2017)

Berry Farm Polar Wave – Self-Titled (2017)

Berry Farm Polar Wave is the experimental bedroom pop project of Southbury, CT native Jack Potz (that’s pronnounced Potes, if you’re interested). His newest release Berry Farm Polar Wave is the latest (and apparently his last under the name) of many lo-fi works that have been released though Potz’ “faux label” Berry Farm Crops.

Berry Farm Polar Wave is wild and loose collection of lo-fi: there are full songs, half-songs, textual experimentation, and a few covers.  Despite its sprawling mix of color and styles, it somehow avoids blending into ugliness from too many colors and styles, and comes off more as a promising monolith for future projects from Potz.

While the project is decidedly of Potz’ making, it does feature many tangible contributions from friends that helps make the music feel more physical and friendly.

Listen to Berry Farm Polar Wave by Berry Farm Polar Wave below: