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About Us:

CT Scramble serves as a digital zine that celebrates underground music and art in Connecticut and surrounding areas. We typically focus on indie and alternative styles.

Contact us:

Musicians, Artists, and Labels: We happily accept music submissions of all genres and will try really hard to get to your submission (We actually get a quite a bit, considering it’s generally only CT).  Sometimes, it takes us a little while just to process it. If we do not get to it, it is not personal, we promise.

*** A NOTE: Please do not submit us an excellent song but name your song or band something corny like “Flying Barf Attack.” This actually happens. It is not wholesome.

Aspiring Music Bloggers and Media Contributors: If you are interested in contributing to CT Scramble, please submit your name, relevant writing / media experience, (a sample of your previous work would be great) and perhaps a pitch or two about what type of contributions you might want to provide.