Post-Rock Revival: West Meets West – Barricades EP (2015)


New Haven, CT wardens of post-rock Wess Meets West are back, following up their excellent 2014 full length When The Structures Fail Us with the new Barricades EP.

Listening to both records together, the titles seem appropriate: On Structures, WMW seemed interested in making music heavy and melodic enough take down a fortress.  But on Barricades, those structures have fallen and their human voices more apparent and vulnerable than ever.  They must now use the same instruments to build up and reinforce what was destroyed.

While the band has used vocal arrangements sparingly in the past, two songs on the new record feature some of their most prominent shouting-from-the-top-of-a-mountain group vocals yet, adding an entire new sensibility to their already anthemic music.

Definitely Check Out:  “You’ve Still Got Lightning in You”, “64 Bristol”


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