Retro Review: Quiet Giant – Loom (2015)


The last time the world heard from Quiet Giant, the band was called Loom, a lo-fi dream pop project that served as a creative outlet for Bethel, CT singer-songwriter Danielle Capalbo’s breathy vocal melodies and melancholic poetry.  While those bedroom pop gems were likable enough in their own right, they did not predict the full bodied sonic metamorphosis that the band would achieve on their proper full length.

Boasting excellent production and a propulsive rhythm section, the album Loom is a textured, full band affair that decorates Capalbo’s songs with a blend of stadium sized guitar delay and noisy shoegaze, making a strong case for Quiet Giant as not only a moody dream pop outlet, but a full fledged rockband.

Definitely Check Out:  “In Color”, “Every Crime”, “Echoes”



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